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  • After divorce

    Ok, i could tell you,now its great but it’s not. i feel like my once completed jigsaw is now broken. I created a good world for my ex wife and left her with a good world. I knew years ago that pieces of the jigsaw were starting to break up but i focused on the things i wanted to achieve not realising what was happening around me. My life changed in a flash from being part of a team to a single lost soul. At any point i felt that i could have easily given everything away and just dissapeared into the unknown, but loving my kids and grandson prevented this as something made my mind keep strong and fight the negative feelings. Everywhere, the songs, everything was in the songs, cherish the love, the frog song, the snowman, all of me loves all of you, stand by me, i just called to say i love you, well you get it. Then the names in tv adverts and reminders about the previous life. It was karma being exercised all around me, i needed to be punished in a way to make me stronger for a new life and be more resilient.  like all the flashbacks and memories. Choking back the tears in my mind and listening, thinking that this can’t be my world and hoping that i would wake up out of a bad dream. It is and as i joined internet dating sites, I realise that there are so many lost souls that had broken jigsaws,just like myself and looking for those much needed lost pieces. How have i got round it. well i threw myself into working on my house and tiring myself out so i did not have to think about my past. I had given my life away in theory with my ex wife having her new guy take my place at my once was dining table. A strange thought to know how easily a person can be replaced.  Many say you are better to have loved and lost but in theory once you have felt love,your world feels so good that you want that feeling again. So ok, I have had dates and some have been more like an interview for a job rather than looking for a new partner but i listen when people say it will come again. Now I guess that is my quest, to find someone i can love again, build again, start again and start a new jigsaw with the edges first. I know she is out there feeling the same as me and just maybe looking for a me. I pray to god regular and always know that god does love a trier, that sure is me. Until this happens i will re focus my energy from my nearly finished DIY to  my new cooky books and my Amazing cooky buddies series.  I will update you in a few months about the books and hopefully some progress with a relationship and love. My heart needs to be found again.   Thanks for reading this  Rob


  • Christmas

    I would like to ask one thing it’s that we use the power of social media to pray for those who  have illness or losses in the family. Those suffering and those in pain. Please just take one minute to pray for those people and then have a happy christmas and a fantastic new year. Thank you x


  • Useful

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  • Feelings

    This year in 2014 I experienced a wide variety of feelings that I never knew were inside of me. Things happened that went out of my control. I have spent my life trying to mend people and help and inspire and educate others and always felt the needs of others rather than myself. This year I put myself in a situation where I hurt people, many people and mostly those close to my heart. Approaching 50 years old I have cried a thousand tears because of my feelings and not slept properly for months. I have seen the pain I have caused and tried searching for my answers from within. Various things happened as a consequence of my actions that I am not proud of which resulted in much misery. I have become a man I never thought I would be, losing many of my most precious values. I am trying now to right many wrongs but it will take time. I am hoping some of the actions I took will work out for the best but the feelings, the love, the emotions, the pain and the heart ache is real. I still feel anxiety and am at the tail end of a depression that I have never experienced before. If can can pass on something useful to everyone out there. It is this, don’t be afraid of finding yourself but in doing so , enjoy every minute of your life with someone special , feel the power of love , in its entirety the most powerful feeling in the universe and what ever you do remember not to over work or take too much on, in your life, so that the value of love is lost. Keep Strong and feel the power of love xx

  • A Theory

    I have this theory after working with many people who feel down that the cannot get a job. This is it  -  If you are doing a voluntary job or helping someone you are not using your fuel bills,you are being active, you may get experience or meet people and possibly get something to eat. You are gaining skills saving money and motivating yourself. So if you now say you get money from the government as benefits, you deserve them because you are doing your best to help yourself. So I say keep up the good work and your luck will come soon enough.

    Thanks Rob

  • Support

    Thank you all very much for your support. I would really be interested in getting more visitors on the website as I believe it to be an extremely useful link or resource for everyone. At present I am doing lots of work behind the website scene which will change its view dramatically, I hope. If you know of any genuine sights that help the traffic I would be grateful but getting lots of bogus ones does tend to put someone like me off using web traffic sites and Seo. Thanks again Rob   The Cooky Chef

  • Business

    A news years resolution. Why not support the small catering businesses hidden behind the face, of what you see. They are the ones struggling to pay bills and make a living. Imagine this, every person going on a day out, to a town, seaside,holiday,day trip,city or anywhere. The bulk of the people, go to all of the large obvious places, such as Consortium’s, conglomerates,branded name places. I would like to ask each person, to look at something new. Real life and real people, out there, doing there best. Please look for them in this world, as they need you, they will appreciate you. Thank you, my friends, for considering the message, to spread a little of all your love.

  • Hi

    THanks all for the information. I am doing loads of work on books at the moment, so I am holding back from getting too much traffic, but next year I will want it to start moving but thanks for all your help

  • Racing time

    I used to say life was a long time. Now I am 48 there is not enough time in 24 hours.Time it is, to always make the time for the time you do not have to do the things you want to do.Make the time yours

  • Love

    Put some love in your life. You can love your partner,your friend,love your pets,love your job or your house and family.Feeling means to feel and a kind of love is a good start.Make someone or something in your world happier. Keep with me,thanks Rob


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